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David De Henau

Born 22 January 1980 in Ghent.

A life portrait of David De Henau

David De Henau comes from an artistic family. He had already been engaged in music and drawing at the age of six.. His violin is his favorite instrument. To date he has been playing violin for 34 years, which is good for no less than 20.000 playing hours. He has also been playing 25 years of piano and 20 years of guitar.

Later he sought his way into making paintings in oil paint on canvas. He is by no means a temperament full of artist who will be away for a few days whether he is painting or playing music.

He makes abstract work in both large and small sizes. In painting, he wants to be free. He's not delight into conventional inspiration.

With him, a number of lines of power prevail. These are very much reflected in his circular work.

Every circle he paints makes one feels his urge to freedom. Usually the compositions of multiple circles are in and mixed up. Unknown force fields that attract each other and repel each other again.

His other abstract work where no circular forms are present stands out because of the very strong colorite and a thick paint layer. One can dream away from these works and be present in a ferocious forest or even a jungle of violent colours. Or does it call it a color sea that doesn't relax. Here's the searching artist at his best.

In any case, the Henau is an artist who will not give up quickly and who does not let himself be classified is yet another art ism or fashion. He remains a stubborn traveler in the country he himself has chosen, the land of freedom. But the true artist is a loner. Only at an exhibition used he no longer lonely and he confronts often unknown visitors.

All in all, De Henau makes a warm abstract work as he himself is a warm and sympathetic person.


David De Henau

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